Utility Billing and Payment Information

Water meter readings are taken by the Town of Stonewall Operations Department on a quarterly basis. (At the end of March, June, September and December each year) The Town will read your meter EVERY QUARTER.  Please note it is NO LONGER NECESSARY to manually read your own meter since the Town is now able to get actual readings for every quarter.  
Utility billing is completed every 3 months (quarterly).  
The 2024 residential utility rates for 5/8"and 3/4" meter are:
  • Water  $1.01 per cubic meter
  • Sewer $0.88 per cubic meter
  • Service charge of $22.50 per quarter
For residential services there is a minimum usage of 13.64m³ resulting in a minimum quarterly charge of $48.28


The Town of Stonewall is pleased to announce the launch of its new eServices website!!  This new eServices site is an online customer portal which will allow Stonewall Residents to view their Utility Bills, account balances, and receipts.  Email notifications will be sent to those signed up for eBilling to let them know when bills are ready to view.

The new eServices site can be found at: https://stonewall.townsuite.com/

To take advantage of this new customer portal you will need an ACTIVATION KEY.  Please contact the Town's Utility Clerk for you activation key by email: info@stonewall.ca

You will then need to sign in and register your account.  If you require any help with your initial sign in, a step-by-step cheat sheet can be found HERE.

In Person
Payment can be made by cash, debit or cheque at our office during regular business hours of Mon-Fri, 8:30-4:30. 
Pay Through Online Banking
Pay online!  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to pay utilities (and taxes) online.  When making payments online, please include all digits in the account number (including zeroes) but omit the decimal point to ensure payment is applied correctly.
** NOTE: most financial institutions take 2-4 business days to process the online payment. Penalties will be applied if the payment is not received by the due date.

UPP Plan (Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan)

The UPP Plan is a pre-authorized payment plan that allows residents to have their utility bill amount owing deducted in full from their bank account automatically on the due date each quarter.  The signup form can be found HERE.

After Hours 
We do have a drop box at our main door, please only place cheques in this box.

Due to privacy legislation, the Town of Stonewall requires a signed agreement between the property owner and tenant for all rental properties in regards to the disclosure of utility account information.  Should the Town of Stonewall not receive a signed agreement, the property owner will not be able to obtain information regarding the status of their tenant's utility account.  Click here to download a Rental Property Utility Agreement.
For more information on rates contact the Manitoba Public Utilities Board at 204-945-2643 or Email:publicutilities@gov.mb.ca