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Environmental Health

rocksWater & Wastewater - The Town drinking water is supplied by 4 groundwater wells and is treated with chlorine prior to entering the distribution system for domestic consumption. The water quality is tested every 2 weeks to ensure compliance with Government guidelines. Wastewater service consists of 2 lift stations which pump sewage to a lagoon facility located a mile west of Town. The wastewater is treated by sunlight and natural decomposition and tested prior to release. New water and wastewater service connections are subject to a connection fee and permit. Private wells are not permitted in Town without a special approval subject to an application. 

Abandoned Well Program - The Town has a program to identify and seal private wells. Unsealed or improperly sealed wells may transmit contaminates to the Town's groundwater source and pose a threat to the public. If you have an abandoned well on your property please contact the Town office.

Waste - The Town's Waste Management Program provides for the collection and disposal of residential waste from the curbside. Two (2) bags of landfill waste, 3 bags of yard waste and unlimited recyclable waste may be place at the curb for collection each week. Landfill waste MUST be placed in black or green bags, yard waste in clear, orange or yellow bags and recyclable waste in blue bins. Recyclable materials do not have to be sorted.  Yard Waste must NOT contain any garbage (leaves and grass clippings only). Surcharge Stickers for the placement of more than two (2) bags of landfill waste or more than three (3) bags of yard waste at the curb for collection are available at Market Place, Stonewall Family Foods and the Town office for the placement of additional landfill or yard waste bags at the curb for collection.
The Winfield Road transfer station (204-467-9490) located on Road 76 N (Dump Road) is operated by the R.M. of Rockwood.  Ph. #204-467-2272

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