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Garbage & Recycling

Persons occupying Residential Premises may place for collection and disposal at the curb each week the following amounts of waste:
  • Landfill Waste - two (2) bags per Residential Premises.  Landfill waste must be placed in a black or green bag at the curb for collection.
  • Recyclable Waste (see below) - unlimited bins of recyclable waste as defined below.  Recyclable waste must be placed in a blue box(es).
  • Yard Waste (leaves, grass clippings, garden & flower bed vegetation and straw) - three (3) bags per Residential Premises.  Branches should be bundled in 3 foot lengths and tied.  Yard waste must be placed in yellow, orange, brown, or clear bags at the curb for collection.
  • Ashes (fireplace, wood stove) - in a suitable sealed non-flammable container.  Each container of ashes placed at the curb for collection shall not exceed 25 lbs. in weight.
The size of bags for Landfill must not exceed a maximum size of 26" x 36" (67 cm x 92 cm).
The size of bags for Yard Waste must not exceed a maximum size of 30" x 48" (76 cm x 122 cm).

The above number of bags of Landfill and/or Yard Waste that may be placed at the curb for collection MAY ONLY BE EXCEEDED if there is a WASTE SURCHARGE STICKER attached to:
  • the third and each additional bag of Landfill Waste
  • the fourth and each additional bag of Yard Waste
Waste Surcharge Stickers may be purchased for $2.00/sticker at the Town Office, Stonewall Family Foods, or Red River Co-op Food Store.
If the third and each additional bag of Landfill Waste or the fourth and each additional bag of Yard Waste does not have a Waste Surcharge Sticker attached to each bag, the additional bags above the allowable limit shall not be collected.

Recyclable Waste 

Residents are supplied with up to two(2) blue boxes per household free of charge from the Town.   Any additional blue bins will cost $15.00/box.  Please write your address on the outside of the box as this will ensure that it is returned to the correct address if it should become displaced.  Please ensure the recycle boxes that have been provided by the Town of Stonewall remain with the civic address when the house is sold or rented.
Eligible materials that may be collected for recycling under the "Provincial Multi-Material Stewardship Program" are as follows:
    • Newspapers, including flyers and glossy flyers (please keep dry)
    • Magazines, catalogues and telephone books (please keep dry)
    • Aluminum food and beverage cans (such as pop cans and beer cans)
    • Steel and tin food and beverage cans
    • All pop bottles, beer bottles, liquor bottles (plastic and glass)
    • PET (#1 plastic) bottles (such as pop bottles and water bottles)
    • HDPE (#2 plastic) bottles (such as milk jugs, shampoo and liquid laundry bottles)
    • Glass bottles and containers
    • Boxboard (non-corrugated)(such as cereal boxes and 6-pack boxes)
    • Corrugated cardboard (such as cardboard boxes)
    • Gable top beverage cartons (such as milk cartons, and juice cartons)
    • Aseptic containers (such as "Juice" boxes)
    • #4, #5, & #7 Household Plastic Containers
Please note: All containers and boxboard/cardboard must be clean and dry (no food/product residue) newspapers, flyers, magazines & catalogues must not be shredded or crumpled.  Glass jars and bottles are not to be broken.  Remove all lids and caps.  Please do not place any other waste items in the blue box(es) other than those identified above.  If other wastes are placed the in the blue box they will not be collected.

Ineligible materials that are not recyclable under the Provincial Program are as follows:
    • Plastic grocery store bags or blue recycle bags
    • Aluminum foil, foil pie plates, foil food containers
    • Dishes, ceramics or crystal
    • Electronics (can be taken to Winfield Road Transfer Station)
    • Foam packaging, Styrofoam, or other foams
    • Paint cans or oil cans (can be taken to Winfield Road Transfer Station)
    • Cellophane wrapping
    • Steel pots & pans
    • Wax or foil coated paper
    • Window glass, mirrors or broken glass
Please dispose of these materials in our landfill waste bag.
Inclement weather on curb side collection day can cause residents and the recyclable materials collector some issues on rainy, snowy and/or windy days.  We request that each homeowner place a heavy object (such as a board, paving stone, rock) on top of the materials in the blue box on days of high winds.  We also suggest you write your name and address on your blue box(es).
For rain or snow days there will be loss of certain materials (paper, box board, cardboard) from getting wet, but this is expected and taken into consideration with the use of boxes.
Any questions regarding a recycling symbol on an item or whether an item is recyclable under OUR program, please give us a call at the Town of Stonewall Office 204-467-7979 or by e-mail


Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection Days

Garbage day for residents living EAST of 5th St W is every Tuesday
Garbage day for residents living WEST of 5th St W is every Wednesday
For a map, please click here

Hazardous Waste Drop Off

Please be advised that South Side Service in Stonewall is no longer accepting used oil, antifreeze, filters, etc. 
The Winfield Road Transfer Station accepts hazardous waste on Saturday and Monday.  Please contact the Winfield Road Transfer Station at 204-467-9490 with any questions regarding the disposal of hazardous waste.

Rockwood Transfer Station 

The Winfield Road transfer station (204-467-9490) located on Road 76 N (Dump Road) is operated by the R.M. of  Rockwood, phone 204-467-2272 or visit their website for more information:
The Winfield Road transfer station also has an area designated for electronic waste disposal (at no charge). 
 Dump Hours 
 Friday 10 AM to 5 PM
 Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM
 Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM
 Monday 10 AM to 5 PM