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Animal Services

Under the Town of Stonewall Animal Control By-Law 11-19 all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months must have current rabies vaccinations. 
The Animal Control Officer may at any time request that an owner provide proof that the owner's dog or cat has a current rabies vaccination status and, if the owner cannot produce such proof, the Animal Control Officer may apprehend and impound the dog or cat, and may issue a Notice of Breach. 

Persons are allowed to have only 2 dogs and/or 3 cats without an approved Excess Animal Permit from the Town.  Please refer to the Animal Control By-Law for complete details and procedures for Excess Animal Permits.
  • Cats and dogs are not permitted to run at large within the Town.
  • Dog/cat owners are required to pick up excrement on public or private property and on their own property. 
  • Dogs/cats are prohibited from being on school grounds or playgrounds
  • Dogs/cats are prohibited from noises (barking/ howling) that would disturb the quiet of any person

The Town has created the Thompson Off-Leash Park for your pet's enjoyment located at the corner of 9th Ave South and 1st St West.  
Pets are required to be on a leash at all times unless they are in their own yard or the Thompson Off-Leash Park.
For additional information on the Animal By-law please click on the link above or contact the Town office at 204-467-7979 or