Snow Clearing Policy





The Town of Stonewall undertakes the clearing of snow from Town streets and sidewalks to enable vehicle and pedestrian travel for residents, ratepayers and other users of Town streets and sidewalks during the winter months. It is the general intent of this Policy to outline the practise for the clearing and removal of snow from Town streets and sidewalks.


1.  For the purpose of this Policy snow "accumulation” shall mean either snowfall or snow drifting or both. Snow accumulation is the mean depth of snow on the street or sidewalk and may have been accumulated by a single snowfall or snow drifting event or may be a result of a number of snowfall and/or snow drifting events. 

2.  For the purpose of this Policy streets shall be categorized by the Operations Manager or Appointed Officer as "Priority Streets" (P1), "Collector Streets" (P2), "Residential Streets" (P3), or "Business/Industrial Park Streets" (B1). 

3.  Accumulation amounts for snow clearing will be at the discretion of the Appointed Officer of the Town of Stonewall.

4.  Preference for snow clearing will consist first of all roadways.  When clearing snow from any category of street results in the placement / deposit of a snow ridge in a private driveway entrance onto the said street which is 30 cm (approx. 12") or higher the Town shall clear the snow ridge from driveway entrances AFTER Priority 1 and 2 roadways, sidewalks, and emergency service areas have been cleared.

5.  The Town of Stonewall will only remove the snow deposited at the time of snow clearing.  Failure to clear snow from previous snowfalls could result in a ridge or ledge that will not be cleared by Town staff.  The Town will not enter anyone’s driveway to remove snow.  Removal is only on the Town property line (Right of Way) near the Boulevard or curb.

6.  Any damage incurred from clearing of snow on decorative driveways, curbing, planters or landscape features by the Town of Stonewall will not result in any liability to the Town.

7.  Snow clearing areas will rotate based on the last snowfall.  Garbage days will dictate the priority of plowing as waste placed at the end of driveways will impede plowing.   

Generally snow clearing of streets commences as follows:

- First Priority 1 Streets are cleared.  The streets include major street routes and accesses for emergency services (highlighted in yellow on the map below):
  • Main Street (from 4th Ave North to VMSC parking lot)
  • 2nd Ave North (from Hwy 236 to 12th St West)
  • Centre Ave (from Hwy 236 to Ash Point Rd)
  • 5th St West (from PTH 67 to end of Thunder Hill Dr)
  • 3rd Ave South (from Hwy 236 to 12th St West)
  • 5th Ave South (from Hwy 236 to 5th St West)
  • 3rd St West (from 3rd Ave South to 9th Ave South)
  • 12th St West (from Stone Ridge Dr to 2nd Ave North)
- Parking lots of RCMP, Fire Hall, Town hall, VMSC/Arena and Quarry Park are done typically during the period of time the major streets are being cleared, along with roadways in the Business/Industrial Park. 

- Secondly, Priority 2 Streets are cleared.  These streets include collector street routes and accesses:
  • Oakford Blvd / Montgomery Ave / Aspen Dr / Allan McLeod VC Ave
  • Procure Dr
  • Gray St
  • Keith Cosen
  • Stone Ridge Dr
  • 4th Ave North
  • 1st St West (from 2nd Ave North to 3rd Ave South)
  • 1st St East (from Market St to 3rd Ave South)
- Thirdly, Priority 3 Streets (residential) are cleared.
- Major sidewalks are cleared generally during the time period the major streets are being cleared:
  • 2nd Ave North
  • Centre Ave
  • 5th St West
  • 3rd Ave South
- Main Street and the Main Street sidewalks are to be cleared and snow removed after the major streets are cleared as per an Agreement with the Province of Manitoba.

The clearing and removal of snow may occur during business open hours.  If snow clearing/removal of Main Street occurs during business open hours, the street is to be appropriately signed as "closed: and snow clearing / removal shall be done on a block by block basis.
Depending on snow accumulation, snow may be wind rowed to the centre of the street with the removal to occur at a later time.
When the snow clearing / removal of Main Street occurs when businesses are closed, the street may be cleared at once, but hte signs advising Main Street is "closed" shall still be posted.
Residential streets are defined into four (4) separate areas. (see numbered zones on the map below) The areas are cleared on a rotational basis with the area which received snow clearing first the previous time moving to the end of the rotation and each of the other areas moving up in the rotation.  During the clearing of the Residential Streets the remainder of the sidewalks, walkways and swalks/swails are then cleared of snow.
When required, snow is to be hauled from parking lots, intersections, and other areas where snow piles/ridges provide no additional room for further snow clearing or may cause a dangerous visibility problem.
Typically the clearing of snow from all streets and sidewalks takes three to four days.

Also the Town of Stonewall wishes to advise of the following PARKING BAN which is in effect for snow clearing:

Vehicles may not be parked on Town streets or boulevards for longer than two hours from November 1st to March 31st.  Vehicles parked on Town streets and boulevards during this period obstruct the removal of snow from the streets by Town staff.

Vehicles parked on Town streets or boulevards during this period are in contravention of the Town's Traffic By-law No. 8/04 and may be ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.

The Town of Stonewall hopes the above information assists the residents of the Town of Stonewall to understand the process for snow clearing.  If you have any questions please contact the Town at 467-7979 or                  

The following map shows the snow clearing for major routes and zones.  You can download this map as a pdf by clicking on this link.