The Town of Stonewall is working to upgrade the old-style water meters with dials on the face as they reach end of life or stop working with new digital meters.  

The new digital water meters are called "RF Meters" or Radio Frequency Meters.  Some come with a black lid covering the face.  When you look at the face of an RF Meter it looks blank.  In order for the digital numbers to show up on the display a strong LED flashlight needs to be shone directly over the sensor.  

To read the water meter, lift the black lid (if there is one).  Next use a strong flashlight to illuminate the solar panel sensor.  The flashlight must be positioned within an inch of the water meter sensor for the meter to come to life. Once the digital display appears, there will be a series of eight (8) numbers (example: 2310-0103)  That series of numbers will roll over and then the reading will be the next series of numbers. A sample reading might look like: 00.025.1234 

Once you have captured the reading all you have to do is close the lid, or walk away and the meter will go back to sleep.