The Town of Stonewall owns and operates the Cemetery located on Highway 67, on the eastern end of Town limits.  It is maintained by the Parks and Arena Department.  (Click here to view a map which will help you locate the cemetery)
The following are the rules and regulations for the Cemetery:
1.  Any persons interested in purchasing a plot(s) and or a columbarium niche in the Stonewall Cemetery can do so at the Town Office for the public to view and check availability of plot locations.

2.  A map/plan of the cemetery plots is kept at the Town Office for the public to view and check availability of plot locations.

3.  Cemetery plots or niches purchased shall not be resold or transferred without the written permission of the Town having been first obtained and in addition cemetery plots cannot be sold for more than the amount at which said plot was purchased from the Town.

4.  Once a plot/niche is decided on and purchased, a deed will be issued by the Town.

5.  Prior to any deceased person, either a human body or ashes, being interred in the Stonewall Cemetery, such burial shall be registered with the Town.

6.  Location and staking of plots purchased shall be supervised by the Parks and Arena Manager prior to excavation.

7.  The cost of digging and closing the grave must be borne by those in charge of arrangements for the deceased.

8.  The maximum number of burials in a plot shall not exceed the following:
  • burial of two (2) human bodies and two (2) human ashes provided that the first burial of a human body shall be a minimum of nine (9) feet in depth, or;
  • burial of one (1) human body and three (3) human ashes, or;
  • burial of four (4) human ashes.
     There is an additional fee for the second internment as stated in the fee schedule.

9.  The maximum number of burials in a columbarium niche shall not exceed two (2) human ashes.

10. Grave coverings and/or curbs of any kind are not permitted.  The placing of crushed rock on any grave is not permitted.

11. Epitaphs are not permitted on the columbarium and/or niches with the exception of protective service and military emblems, logos, insignia, and symbols.  Attachments of any kind, with the exception of official insignia/emblems/logos/symbols of any protective service and military personnel, and are not permitted on the columbarium and/or niches.

12. No lettering style, scripts, and layouts other than those shown in schedule "C" of By-Law 18/13 will be permitted for the columbarium niches.

13. Urns that will be place in the columbarium must be made of NON-biodegradable material. 

14. The entire Cemetery is designated as perpetual care which consists of keeping plots level, keeping the grass cut, as well as any other maintenance the Parks and Arena Manager deems necessary.

15. In order to place or erect a headstone, gravestone, monument, footstone, or flat marker in, upon, or around any plot or burial within the Stonewall Cemetery a permit must be obtained from, submitted to, and approved by the Town of Stonewall.  The permit application must include the size and weight of the gravestone and footing being proposed.  The permit application must be accompanied by the required fee as stated in the fee schedule.

16. Maintenance and repairs of headstone is up to the family members of the deceased.

17. Cut flowers and wreaths may be placed on a gravesite but no permanent shrubs, trees, or plantings will be permitted without first obtaining the written approval and consent of the Town.  The Town may at any time order or direct the removal of the plantings without giving reason.

18. Sections A through G have been designated as a Lawn Area in the Stonewall Cemetery and as such no curbing, grave covering, upright headstones, footstones, or monuments shall be permitted with the exception of the plots reserved for the Stonewall Branch of the Canadian Legion.  Markers in the Lawn Section must be made of granite, bronze, or marble, placed at ground level, and not exceed 16" x 48".  Cut flowers may be placed in containers on graves in the Lawn Sections, however containers must be placed entirely below ground.

19. Lots 1-6 and 33-38 in Section A, and Lots 1-6 and 33-38 in Section B have been reserved for the Stonewall Branch of the Canadian Legion.  Any person who is a resident of the Town at the time of their death and has served in the Armed Forces is entitled to receive a plot at no cost in this designated area.
Please refer to By-Laws 11/14 and 18/13 for more detailed information.