Town of Stonewall Water Supply:

 The Town of Stonewall is committed to providing safe, dependable, high quality potable drinking water in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of our residents.  We strive to provide drinking water in a cost effective manner while remaining in compliance with regulatory requirements which govern the provision of drinking water.
The Town of Stonewall Water Treatment Facility obtains its water from the three wells located on the property.  The three wells draw water from an underground limestone aquifer.  The carbonate limestone aquifer has excellent reliability and produces an abundant water supply.

Abandoned Wells:

The Town of Stonewall has developed a program to identify and seal abandoned wells within the Town. Unsealed abandoned wells may:
  • act as conduits for the movement of near-surface contaminants such as bacteria and nutrients into underground aquifers.
  • flow uncontrollably at the surface resulting in water waste, nuisance or flooding problems.
  • interconnect fresh water and saline water aquifers, allowing saline water to enter into fresh water zones.
  • pose a threat to children or animals who may fall into large diameter openings and become trapped.

If you have an abandoned well on your property and would like to have it sealed by the Town of Stonewall, please contact the Town Office at 204-467-7979.


NOTE: complete water testing analysis is done every three years 

Town of Stonewall - Hardness:

To convert mg/L to GpG (grains per gallon) divide mg/L by 17.1
The Town of Stonewall's hardness for treated water is 573 mg/L which calculates to 34 grains per gallon.