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Spring Yard Waste Reminders!

  • UNLIMITED Yard Waste will be picked up from the curb from May 1st – 30th, 2018!!!
  • Yard Waste must be placed in orange, clear, or paper bags
  • Your yard waste is taken to a local farmers field for composting
  • After May 30th, 2018 3 bags of yard waste are allowed per week per residential premises
  • ONLY leaves, grass clippings, garden & flower bed vegetation and straw are allowed
  • (branches must be  bundled in 3 foot lengths and tied for pickup)

  • Please DO NOT place yard waste in your black or green garbage bags
  • Please DO NOT include recyclable items in your yard waste bags
  • Please DO NOT place household garbage in orange, clear, or paper bags
  • Please DO NOT place pet excrement with your yard waste