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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Municipal Software Solution


The Town of Stonewall is seeking proposals for a Municipal Software Solution.  The ideal solution will combine as many functional components as possible in one software program, with one vendor to streamline support and maintenance services, and reduce the reliance on multiple software vendors to connect municipal information.
Total figures quoted must reflect the total cost to the Town including initial investment for software solution being proposed, detailed costs of each component/module, data conversion and setup, installation and training, any other on-site service fees or travel fees, as well as the ongoing annual license and support fees.  Both GST and Manitoba PST must be listed separately but must be included in the "Total Proposal Price."  

The lowest or any proposal need not be accepted by the Town. The Town shall have the right to evaluate competing bids in accordance with its own criteria for evaluation applied to the specific proposal, whether or not such criteria has been expressly related to the Tenderers.

Details of the Town's requirements can be viewed on the Town website at the link below or in person at the Town Office.
Proposals may be submitted electronically to Wally Melnyk, CAO for the Town of Stonewall at

Bids must be received as specified above on or before 4:00 PM local Stonewall time, April 27, 2018 to be accepted.