Resident Information - Stonewall & District Handivan

The Stonewall & District Handivan provides transportation to seniors and persons with disabilities who live in Stonewall, the RM of Rockwood (south half), the RM of Woodlands, and the RM of Rosser.  Service will be provided on an equitable basis to all eligible persons.  Requests for transportation will be handled on a first call, first served basis.

The Handivan operates 3 buses, 1 small and 2 large vehicles which can comfortably accommodate any special transportation need.  The buses are designed so that passengers can enter either through a regular bus door or by means of a driver-operated hydraulic lift.
The Stonewall & District Handivan is jointly funded by the Ministry of Rural Development, the Province of Manitoba, the Town of Stonewall, the RM of Rockwood, the RM of Woodlands, and the RM of Rosser.
Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
After hours, weekends and holiday bookings are available by special arrangement only.
To arrange transport, call 204-467-9446.  If staff is not available, please leave a message on the answering machine.

Stonewall - wthin Town limits
Stony Mountain to Stonewall
Argyle to Stonewall
Balmoral to Stonewall
Grosse Isle to Stonewall
Marquette to Stonewall
Meadows to Stonewall
Warren to Stonewall
Woodlands to Stonewall

Trip to Winnipeg, Selkirk, or Teulon
(one fee)

Stand-by Charges after 1 Hour Waiting Period

Medical reason for trip
$2.00 per half hour

Non-Medical reason for trip
$6.00 per half hour

Charter Rates:

Within Stonewall Town Limits
(one fee)
Group Rate Charter Beyond Stonewall
$0.60/km plus
$20.00 per hour

  1. At the arranged pick up time, please be waiting near the ground floor entrance of your building.
  2. If you require any extra assistance at your home, on the bus, or at your destination, you are responsible for making these arrangements. (your escort or companion will not be charged a fee to accompany you)
  3. If you must cancel a trip please notify the Handivan office as early as possible.
  4. Payment is to be made to the driver at the end of the trip.  Charging or billing is not allowed except for special circumstances which must be arranged prior to transportation service.
  1. The Driver will, when necessary, assist passengers from their building door into the bus.
  2. The Driver does not lift passengers in wheelchairs up or down stairs.
  3. The Driver will try to be on time when picking up passengers.  If an unavoidable delay occurs, the Driver will attempt to inform the waiting passengers by telephone.